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Carmen’s work has been published in Chemical Science


We have recently achieved a breakthrough in catalytic design by leveraging metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) as a porous platform to support gold nanoparticles. Introducing a unique approach to control the injection of gold nanoparticles at various stages of nucleation within a titanium(IV) MOF crystal, known as MUV-10. This method allowed for a comprehensive analysis of different integration modes into the porous matrix, showcasing a direct correlation between nanoparticle integration stages and catalytic performance.

The study demonstrated superior catalytic activity in key reactions such as cyclotrimerization and hydrochlorination when compared to conventional TiO2 supports. Notably, the selectivity and recyclability of the final solid catalyst exceeded those reported for similar reactions with TiO2 supports. This research signifies a significant step forward in catalytic efficiency and highlights the versatility of MOFs in advancing catalyst design for enhanced performance and sustainability.

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