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Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry



Brand: Agilent

Model: 5977C GC/MSD

Description: The Agilent 5977C GC/MSD is a routine and reliable workhorse for chemical and analytical measurements, as well as the analysis of forensic and pharmaceutical compounds and allows labs to improve sample throughput. The 5977C single quadrupole GC/MS is built on the legacy of a series of trusted GC/MS instruments with two different modes of operation EI (standard) and CI. With a detection limits as low as 1 fg IDL, it allow us assert reliability and sensitivity for our analysis inside a range between m/z 0.6-1091 with a scan speed of ≤ 20,000 Da/s.To classical ion sources, the new HydroInert source is added for hydrogen carrier applications not only minimizes disruptions from helium shortages but also improves spectral fidelity, peak shape, and sensitivity when running with hydrogen.

System intelligence, like remote monitoring and email-based instrument health alerts, make system monitoring easier and more actionable. MassHunter Software Analysis allows you to develop new methods with fast and reliable compound identification using its ability to create custom retention time locked spectral libraries. Together, these new capabilities on the 5977C GC/MSD improve sample throughput and analytical performance, enabling a more professional development of your work.