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Brand: Fisher Scientific

Model: ThermoScientific Vacutherm

Description:The vacuum oven is used to dry and activate samples under vacuum or under nitrogen atmosphere. It is used for applications requiring heating and vacuum conditions. It has an inner volume approx.. 25 L, it can operate with temperatures above 200ºC, the possible vacuum is up to 0.01 mbar. The oven is equipped with an ‘’over temperature cut out’’ for independent excess temperature protection, so that the unit can be used without constant supervision.






Brand: Carbolite

Model: Gero

Description:Carboltie Gero Laboratory Ovens are devices that can meet the precise temperatura control and temperatura uniformity requirements for the synthetic laboratory work. It is used for a wide range of applications such as drying, evaporating, curing or in our case synthesis of MOFs. Depending on the requirements we have 27L and 35L volume size and they can reach a temperature up to 300ºC.




Brand: Memmert

Model: UF30 Twin

Description:Memmert ovens are mainly used for carrying out the solvothermal synthesis of our materials. These ovens offer a temperature range up to +300ºC and can operate in forced air circulation conditions, contributing to the optimum temperature distribution on the inside. Moreover, different programs can be designed according to the demands of each synthesis.