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Streamline Flash and Preparative HPLC chromatography systems

Brand: Teledyne ISCO

Model: CombiFlash EZ Prep

Detectors: UV-Vis, ELSD & Mass spectrometry

Description: The CombiFlash EZ Prep system from Teledyne ISCO is a dual function purification system that enables the user to perform both Flash and Preparative (Prep) purifications on the same instrument. The intuitive user interface of the PeakTrak software minimizes any learning curve, enabling the user to efficiently complete their purification, saving time and solvent consumption. Its main characteristics are: simplicity, small footprint (highly compact design occupies minimal lab space) and compatibility. The CombiFlash EZ Prep allows flash purification for 10 miligram to 33 grams followed by final compound purification on high performance columns. Also Run Prep HPLC columns up to 50 mm in diameter. Switch between normal and reverse phase solvents automatically, without user interaction.

Brand: BUCHI

Model: Pure C-810 Flash

Detectors: UV-Vis

Description: Pure C-810 Flash Buchi is a flash chromatography system for small- or large-scale purification of complex mixtures. It is equipped with a UV-vis detector ranging from 200 to 800 nm wavelength that enables the identification of those organic compounds we work with. It can be operated safely outside the fume hood because it is provided with an isolated fraction collector compartment.